NEW YORK - MARCH 18: The World Wrestling Entertainment logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square March 18, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

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We check in with the News Desk for the biggest headlines in gaming and esports, plus WWE2k20 releases and it’s bad. Real bad.

Joe brings us the latest headlines hot from the news desk. In the world of gaming we’re starting to hear rumors of what Blizzcon 2020 may be unveiling, plus a new Batman Arkham game. In the esports world, it seems that Rick Fox’s troubles with Echo Fox may finally be coming to an end, plus we talk about the 7 new properties Riot Games has in development. Finally, the newest WWE game has been released and there isn’t a whole lot of good to talk about it, but there is a lot of bad.

Check out an excerpt from our conversation about Rick Fox and his ongoing lawsuits with Echo Fox, plus some changes in the way PUBG Corp will raise prize money.

Joe Sloan The longtime battle between Rick Fox and his partners at Echo Fox has finally come to an end.

Nate Bender Oh, my God. I feel like we’ve been covering this story for like 15 weeks. 

Joe Sloan Because That’s about right. We haven’t covering for about 15 week. Lawsuits on both sides have been dropped. Rick Fox is now free to pursue opportunities with other companies. He hasn’t waste any time either inking a partnership with Jace Hall and Twin Galaxies. 

Robbie Landis Godspeed, Rick Fox. 

Nate Bender Yeah, I really hope that this is a good move for him and that Twin Galaxies does well. I mean, this just seems like an entire nightmare scenario. 

Joe Sloan Yeah, for six months it feels like it’s been nightmare. 

Nate Bender I feel like we’re gonna have to do one more check in on this story to see, you know, make sure that everyone got paid. 

Joe Sloan Yeah, exactly. Like we we’ll have to wait and for the dispersal from Riot to come through for their slot and LCS. Yeah. And then that’s kinda it. This story gets to just go away. PUBG Corp has canceled plans to release branded skins and items in the shop during the PUBG Global Championship. Those skins would have been part of a revenue share with competing teams. Instead, PUBG Corp is planning on releasing a new line of skins and having the revenue go towards the prize pool. 

Norris Howard This is not a good sign. 

Nate Bender No…listen, PUBG League has had a rough opening season. 

Joe Sloan Yeah, year one has not been the best. 

Norris Howard You were very big on following on it. 

Nate Bender I was. I was. I mean, I followed the first two phases pretty enthusiastically, and then they started making a whole lot of changes. And I don’t know, I think that the changes were concessions that they were making to the players to make it a little bit easier on them. But it just never really got the viewership that I felt like it deserved. I mean, they had really put together a great production yet for the whole thing. It’s really a bummer that this didn’t end up taking off. But I mean, listen, the PUBG is a game hasn’t been doing a whole lot lately. It hasn’t been moving the needle. I mean, we haven’t been talking about it in the same way that we talk about Fortnite. So, you know, like I think that. Yeah, there’s there’s a lot of missed potential there.

Joe Sloan To me, PUBG is just steady. I mean, it’s kind of where it’s at. I don’t think it’s going to grow a ton. It will stick around for a long time because it’s got a healthy player base. Just you know, thats it though.

Nate Bender Yeah, absolutely. I just wish that that learning curve was a little bit easier. But you know, I’ll still drop into matches every once in a while. Be a loot pinata.

Joe Sloan Team Liquid has dropped out of the upcoming IEM Beijing. The team has announced that they don’t want to attend two events back to back as IEM Beijing is being held just five days after the Blast Pro Series Copenhagen. They’re looking to take some extra time to recuperate and their slot will be filled by ENCE Gaming. 

Nate Bender I mean, this is probably fair. They’ve been doing so well that they probably don’t have to stress their team out and showing up to everything.

Joe Sloan Not to mention like Copenhagen five days later, you’re in Beijing. It’s never easy to travel in and out of China. I mean, this worked out really well for Astralis. A lot of people were really worried that Astralis is dropping out of tournaments. What’s going on? Are they being forced to. And then they rest it up a little and came back on fire.

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