PUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 10: An unidentified South Korean teenager plays a computer game in an RA PC Zone October 10, 2002 in Pusan, south of Seoul, South Korea. The PC Zone is a favorite meeting spot for a large number of South Korean teenagers and college students. Couples on dates spend time at game halls like this one, playing games next to one another. Compared with most of the world, South Korea has the largest broadband market penetration with more than half of South Korean households equipped with high-speed Internet connections. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Remember the days of booting up your PC and starting with the famous “C” prompt?

If you’ve been missing those simpler times, fear not, the Internet Archive has released 2,500 MS-DOS games.

With the latest update from Internet Archive, you can now play some of your favorites from the past like 3D Bomber, Zool and Alien Rampage.

In case you are wondering, the Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library that archives digital versions of computer games along with books, audio recordings, and videos.

Will you fire up games like Vor Terra, Spooky Kooky Monster Maker or Princess Maker 2?  What are some of your favs from the 90s and why?  Which games would you like to see be made available?

Check out all the MS-DOS games that the Internet Archive has available