On this weeks The Other Identity, Joe comes into the episode blind as Robbie has created a surprise agenda for them. They start off talking about the new SonyDisney deal for Spider-Man, then take time with a special guest to discuss the Joker movie and finally wrap up with the worst comic book movie ever.

After months and months of worry and heart ache from fans, it seems that Spider-Man has once again landed safely back within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robbie and Joe talk about who got the better end of the deal, whether or not this was all just one big ploy and what the future of Spider-Man might look like. Plus, surprise guest Nate Bender enters the Secret Bungalow to talk about the upcoming Joker movie and what he thinks about some of director Todd Phillips latest comments. Lastly, Robbie made the unfortunate decision of watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix…he talks about how it may very well be the worst comic book movie ever.


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