The San Francisco Shock have claimed victory over the Vancouver Titans to become the 2019 Overwatch League Champions. With a decisive 4 and 0 win over Vancouver, the Shock cement themselves as the best the league has to offer. Throughout the season the rivalry between the Shock and the Titans grew with each stage. The teams faced each other a total of four times, including two Stage Finals. The Titans took the win over the Shock for one regular season game and one finals and the Shock took the win for the second regular season game and the second finals. Going into this match-up they were dead even with 2 wins each and 11 map wins each.

Going into the series many had the Shock picked as the favorite, but still expected a close game between the two. From the amazing performance of the 2019 MVP, Jay “Sinatraa” Won to the crazy Bastion plays by Minjo “Architect” Park, every member of the San Francisco Shock contributed to the win over the Vancouver Titans with off-tank player Hyo-bin “Choihyobin” Choi receiving the honors of the Grand Finals MVP.

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