With the ever growing list of people in need of blood, Bandai Namco and The American Red Cross is working together to save lives. Oh, and if saving a life isn’t enough for you, during the Code Vein Blood Bank, you can save some money, because Bandai Namco is giving donors a free copy of Code Vein in return. Donors are pre-registered to attend the blood drive on Friday, September 27 during Twitchcon in San Diego.

As of right now, the pre-registration seems to be over for this blood drive and walk-ins are unclear, but saving a life is worth more than a video game. If you would like to find a blood drive near you, or you’d like to donate to the cause with your time or money, head on over to www.RedCross.org.

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The Lost aren’t the only ones who need your blood! On September 27th, celebrate the #CODEVEIN launch by donating blood to those in need. Follow the link to pre-register and learn more about our Blood Drive during TwitchCon weekend: https://t.co/MvAkM5H5NZ

Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images