Image courtesy of E-Zone

A new hotel has opened in Osaka, Japan that is themed after esports. It sports a futuristic aesthetic, with the building being shaped like a large PC tower. The hotel is billed as the first of its kind, as Japan continues to embrace the gaming culture. You can find the hotel in the Nipponbashi district, an area of Osaka well known for catering to geek culture.

The name of the hotel is questionable for English speakers, as it translates to “Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace.” The hotel will be opening in April of 2020, and so far they haven’t announced prices on rooms. We’d love to hear from you though. Would you want to stay in a place like this? Connect with us on social media to let us know, that’s CheckpointXP on Facebook and Twitter and Checkpoint_XP on Instagram!

Source – Kotaku