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Things have really changed for Nintendo over the last five years, haven’t they? They’ve gone from being a distant third to most gamers to arguably reclaiming their throne atop the gaming kingdom. September 4th played host to their latest Nintendo Direct, where they dropped a host of exciting announcements. Here’s the top 5 announcements that got us the most hype!

5. Big news for Smash Ultimate

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Wow, what a day for Smash Ultimate fans! Banjo Kazooie has been one of the longest awaited additions to the smash cast. Hearkening back to the glory days of Rare, the bird and bear duo were finally announced for Smash around E3 this year. In the unveiling of the characters, Sakurai-San thanked Microsoft for licensing them out and unveiled that they are available NOW!

However, it wasn’t just Banjo Kazooie. We also learned that there’s going to be another season of DLC characters added into Smash Ultimate. Beyond that, we got the introduction of our first Undertale character in the form of Sans, who will be costume for the Mii Gunner. Speaking of Undertale….

4. Game Freak unveils their new RPG

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You see what I did there? We’ve known for a long time that Game Freak was working on a new RPG title. Best known for creating Pokemon, the developer has been keeping their new title quiet… until now. Little Town Hero was officially unveiled and it looks interesting. There’s definitely elements of the Pokemon franchise that made the company famous, but they look like they’re experimenting with some new concepts. But the reason this announcement has us so incredibly hype, is that the soundtrack is being done by Toby Fox. Toby Fox is of course best known as the creator and composer of Undertale, a game universally lauded for its soundtrack.

3. Terry Bogard is coming to Smash Ultimate

Norris nearly deafened the room, screaming in excitement, when this character was revealed. Yes, SNK’s Terry Bogard is coming to Smash Ultimate. Originally appearing in the Fatal Fury franchise, Terry is the latest fighting game character to appear in Smash Ultimate. The reveal videos for these characters are getting better and better by the way. The Banjo Kazooie reveal was great. However, this video of the invitation letter being narrowly missed by other SNK characters was incredible.

2. SNES games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

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I’ve been waiting for this announcement since I got my Nintendo Switch. While I appreciate the NES library that is available on Switch Online, I just wasn’t the biggest NES fan. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of good games, but the Super Nintendo is really where Nintendo cemented itself as the king.

The service is launching with a great library including Super Metroid, Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and Star Fox. These games will be things players legitimately plug time into, rather than being relegated to things players play while waiting for other games to download.

1. Overwatch is coming to the Switch

Image courtesy of Nintendo

This was the opening reveal for Nintendo Direct. And rightfully so. Multiple leaks over the last month had suggested that this announcement was on the way. However, the fact that it was leaked doesn’t take away from the gravity of the announcement. Overwatch is one of Blizzard’s biggest IPs, and it’s very exciting to see it making its way to the Switch. We have to hope that it will be better than prior attempts for Blizzard to put their games on Nintendo hardware. Do you remember Starcraft 64? I do. Ugh. Overwatch will be coming to the Switch on October 15th.

So those are the five announcements that got us the most excited from Nintendo Direct. There’s plenty of other things we’re excited to check out. Daemon Ex Machina looked like an Armored Core game, Link’s Awakening is just weeks away, and Pokemon looks like it’s going to be pretty interesting. What got you the most excited?! Hit us up on social media and let us know!

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