After a week away, Norris is back in studio with Robbie to talk about some more Overwatch League action. This week we get Norris’ thoughts on the 2020 Schedule, talk about the play in stage and discuss how Sigma could affect the meta.

With the Overwatch League 2020 Schedule released, Norris talks about what he likes about it and what could end up being a misstep for the League. Robbie and Norris also break down the play in stages, predicting who they think will advance to each round and ultimately, end up joining the top 6 seeded teams on the road to the Grand Finals. Lastly, the play off patch introduces Sigma, the newest tank hero into the game. How will this affect the meta and could he end up displacing any of the current mainstays such as Orisa or Roadhog?

Low Team Damage - Episode 53 - Play Ins - checkpointxp on Twitch

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