5 Things to Check Out At EVO 2019

Evolution Champion Series (EVO) is the largest fighting game community event of the year. If you are heading out to EVO, check out these fun things to do on the show floor other than the tournaments!

5. Artist Alley

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This is our biggest community artist alley to date! We’ll be featuring and retweeting some of the groups from our event. Stay tuned! #EVO2019 https://t.co/hx1uIeyc0r

Artist Alley is very common at conventions. Original creators and artists have a chance to show their creative work to thousands of attendees. EVO stated that this is their biggest Artist Alley yet!

EVO 2019 – Artist Alley – August 2, 2019 – Photos: Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP

4. Gang Beasts

What the heck is Gang Beasts? It’s not like it’s title. Gang Beasts is a multi-player party game with little jelly people, and it can play up to 20 players! The Gang Beasts game demo at EVO is a wrestling battle royale. 20 players try to throw each other over the top rope, and last one standing wins. Players can try the game inside a wrestling ring! Gang Beasts is currently available on PS4, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on Steam and the Humble Store, and as an Oculus Early Access game for the Oculus Rift headset.

EVO 2019 – Gang Beasts – August 2, 2019 – Photos: Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP

3. Arcade1Up

If you love arcade cabinets, check out Arcade1Up‘s booth. They brought their giant arcade cabinet that you have to climb up steps to a platform to play on it. Around the booth are smaller arcade cabinets that you pull up a seat and play casually with with another, or just sit back and relax on one of the couple couches in the back. Arcade1Up cabinets are available to buy on their website.

Arcade1UP Booth – EVO 2019 – Mandalay Bay Events Center – August 2, 2019 –
Photos: Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP

2. The MIX – Media Indie Exchange

Support indie game developers and check out The MIX – Media Indie Exchange area!

The MIX – EVO 2019 – Mandalay Bay Event Center – August 2, 2019 –
Photos: Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP

1. Cosplay

Every fighting game has character that hold dear to each and everyone’s heart. Be sure to keep an eye out on the amazing cosplay on the floor!

Cosplayers at EVO 2019 – Mandalay Bay Event Center, Las Vegas, NV – August 2, 2019
Photos: Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP

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