Astralis and Origen To Separate From RFRSH Entertainment

Astralis and Origen are set to separate from their parent company, RFRSH Entertainment. RFRSH has been criticized in recently for forcing Astralis to skip major tournaments to instead participate in BLAST events. According to company CEO Nikolaj Nyholm, RFRSH Entertainment will be completely separating Astralis and Origen into a separately run company. The new company will host both squads under the working title of RFRSH Teams. RFRSH Entertainment meanwhile will be focusing entirely on the BLAST Pro Series and similar products.

Doing this should allow Astralis and Origen to operate far more independently. In that way, they can focus on what’s good for their individual brands and players as opposed to the company as a whole. Over the last couple months, the danish squad for Astralis has been dethroned as the number 1 CS:GO team in the world. In their absence, Team Liquid has risen to power and are currently dominating the CS:GO scene.

Source: Esports Observer
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

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