Dr. Amine Issa, Founder and Warchief of Science for Mobalytics

Dr. Amine Issa, Found and Warchief of Science for Mobalytics, joins the Checkpoint XP crew during the Beasley XP Studio Launch Week.

Dr. Amine Issa finished high school at the age of 14 years old. He always had a soft spot for video games. Every time he would finish a video game, his parents would reward him with a new video game. He even competed in World of Warcraft tournaments, but his parents asked him to continue his education instead of gaming. Dr. Issa’s mind sparked with curiosity on how things worked and eventually evolved to researching gamer performance.

Mobalytics is a video gaming analytics platform. They track and measure your gameplay, showing your stats and advise on how to improve your gameplay based on your GPI (Gamer Performance Index).

What is Mobalytics?

Mobalytics is a performance improvement tool for League of Legends, here’s how it works!► Thanks for watching and try out Mobalytics today! → http://bit.ly/2…

At the end of the day, all stats need to be contextualized. One of the biggest problems in the gaming industry is KDA (Kill-Death-Assist, Kill to Death ratio). It’s what everyone gravitates to. In a vacuum, KDA is almost detrimental.

– Dr. Amine Issa

Dr. Amine Issa also recounts his story when he climbed up to the base camp of Mount Kilimanjaro. He compares his story to how we can look at our own gameplay by starting from the bottom, and growing and climbing ranks by understanding and learning from our statistics.

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We spent a lot of time digging into the data to understand the factors that influence ranked climbs. To add to this awesome infographic we also published a full white paper you can read here if you are more technical: https://t.co/xw5YsxTCeh https://t.co/TwPUM0kI1Z

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