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Community Effort Orlando has returned once more to bring us top level fighting games as well as awesome wrestling. CEO has long been a major for tons of FGC events, but its also embraces the very thin line that separates games and pro wrestling culture. This year, CEO went all out at hosting the ascendant All Elite Wrestling promotion.

The Fyter Fest event took place in conjunction with the CEO tournament with superstars like Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes. The branding of the event leaned into the disastrous Fyre Festival including the now infamous “FEMA Tents” which were scattered about the stage. In an amazing and bizarre sideshow of a hardcore match, the CEO of CEO, Alex Jebailey took on Micheal Nakazawa in the Fyter Fest pre-show. Jebailey didn’t shy away from some big spots either. He got a huge reaction from the crowd by smashing a CEO branded fight stick over Nakazawa’s back and an even larger response by getting slammed through a table.

The entire pre-show is free on YouTube and the main event matches were provided by B/R Live.

But if you tuned into CEO for the fighting games, they didn’t disappoint either. But not to let the wrestling convergence end at that. Grand Finals for the bigger games take place in the same ring that the AEW event takes place in. Its a total marriage of the two words that makes total sense and allows players to showcase their personalities. It was also a return to form for the veterans of the scene as well. With players like JDCR, Daigo, and DualKevin all reaching top 8’s of their respective games. Samurai Shodown also saw its big stage debut post-release and it saw one of the top names of all time, Justin Wong, take the first major title.

Major Tournament Winners:

  • Street Fighter V: Bonchan def. Fujimura
    • Japan ran roughshod over the CEO Steet Fighter bracket with 7 out of 8 on the final day hailing from the country.
  • Tekken 7: Knee def. Chanel
    • In another game where the vets took hold, Chanel got mopped up by one of the Tekken gods, Knee. Knee applied constant pressure with Steve Fox against Chanel’s Alisa and took home the chip, easily.
  • Smash Melee: Hungrybox def. Wizzrobe
    • The summer of Wizzrobe was ready to continue as the Smash youngster had been riding high from a win at Smash N’ Splash. He and his Captain Falcon were poised to take home gold in Melee at CEO. However, the force known as Hungrybox had something to say about it. He took care of the young upstart 3-2.
  • Smash Ultimate: MKLeo def. Marss
    • MKLeo continues to prove that he is the best Smash U player on earth. His Joker was solid all weekend long and he made quick work of Marss.
  • Mortal Kombat 11: Sonicfox def. Dragon
    • The always electrifying SonicFox finally has his MK11 major win. It was a hard fought set between he and Dragon who sent Fox to losers bracket 0-3. But the furry one reset the bracket in grand finals and never looked too out of control of the match.
  • Dragonball Fighterz: Go1 def. Fenrich
    • Go1 is the best DBZ player on earth. For as much as Kazunoko could claim that mantle, Go1 is proving in 2019 that he is untouchable.

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