Checkpoint XP’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign led by Dungeon Master Robbie Landis returns. The party finds it’s way to Mei’tork the City of the Lost as they search for a way to save Guy and find out what evil lurks beneath the mountain.

Amidst the sudden death of their Sorcerer, Guy, the party pushes onward into the dark tunnels of the mountain. They’re eventually led to the city of Mei’tork by Te’lan, the child they rescued. His Grandmother claims to be able to bring back their fallen companion, but they must first promise to rid the depths of a Dark Deity and look after her grandson once the deed is complete.

2d6 Emotional Damage is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure led by Robbie Landis from the Checkpoint XP crew. Join him and his players every Monday at 8:30 pm EST at the Checkpoint XP Twitch channel.