Low Team Damage – Episode 33 – Play-off Primer

Baptiste is officially live on Overwatch! Robbie and Norris give some final thoughts on the hero after they both get play time. Plus, what do the stage 1 play-offs look like and who has the best chance of taking home first prize?

Norris has been raving about the addition of Baptiste to the support line-up in Overwatch and despite everyone thinking he may be overpowered, Robbie agrees he’s a solid addition. With stage one regular season games over, we now look to the stage play-offs. The Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior both look like unbeatable forces, but who if anyone has the chance to rise up?

About The Author

Robbie Landis Host of the CheckpointXP National Show, Other Identity comic book podcast and a Dungeon Master. Robbie Landis has been playing games since Yoshi's Cookie Factory was released on the NES. He enjoys RPGs, APEX Legends and World of Warcraft.

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