2d6 Emotional Damage – Episode 08 – The Lockless Dark

Checkpoint XP’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign led by Dungeon Master Robbie Landis returns with the party all set to delve into the depths of some of the forgotten ruins. But what awaits them in the Lockless Dark?

2d6 Emotional Damage – S2 E8 – The Lockless Dark – CheckpointXP on Twitch

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After being contacted by the Adrian Guild, Promy keeps the information to himself and the party decides to seek out more work. After choosing between threes plans; bounty hunting, monster hunting and treasure hunting — they all decide delving into the ruins seeking treasure to be the best course of action. They take a job from a local antique dealer to explore a section of the ruins that no one has ever returned from, named by the locals as the Lockless Dark. As they ventured into the ruins they encountered undead beings and numerous traps. But ultimately, as they pushed deeper a different question began to rise…could they be their own worse enemies?

2d6 Emotional Damage is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure led by Robbie Landis from the Checkpoint XP crew. Join him and his players every Monday at 8:30 pm EST at the Checkpoint XP Twitch channel.

About The Author

Robbie Landis Host of the CheckpointXP National Show, Other Identity comic book podcast and a Dungeon Master. Robbie Landis has been playing games since Yoshi's Cookie Factory was released on the NES. He enjoys RPGs, APEX Legends and World of Warcraft.

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